Brian Slowinski

Brian Slowinski

Husband, Dad to 8, Retired, Non-Establishment GRASSROOTS Republican FIGHTER, Tea Party Libertarian and U.S. Senate Candidate in Georgia's 2020 Special Election!
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  • commented on Contact 2020-07-05 07:50:34 -0400
    Dear Fellow Candidates for the United States Senate,

    I would like to challenge you and invite you to Debate the Issues using a 8 × 8 Video Meeting that can be Streamed Live on YouTube every Monday till the November Election!All Candidates have been invited!  6 confirmations as of today July 5th!

    I am pleased to announce that Jessica Szilagyi has agreed to moderate the debates!

    Please direct your one candidate question you wish to ask the group directly to her so no candidate has them before hand!

    She can be reached @

    Jessica Szilagyi

    Statewide Contributor


    We will use 8 X 8 Video Meeting while Livestreaming these Debates on YouTube as well as being available on AllOnGeorgia’s livestream portal!

    Further technical information will be forthcoming.

    Georgia looks forward to your participation!

    God bless,


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