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Derrick Grayson, a Conservative Constitutionalist, member of the GOP and native of
Georgia, will be running for the U.S. Senate, representing the people of the great State
of Georgia, in 2020. He is a veteran of the United States Navy, community activist,
Kiwanis International Advisor and political enthusiast.  Mr. Grayson has amassed quite
a following, in social media and is affectionately known as, TMOT, The Minister of

Mr. Grayson has been actively involved in the Liberty Movement and speaking at
numerous events. In 2016, he made a bid for Georgia's US Senate seat, earning 12% of
voter’s trust against Johnny Isakson, whom he predicted would retire before completing
his term.  His run was successful in that Mr. Grayson gained notoriety within the state
and outside of the state as a no-holds-barred Constitutionalist. He is one of the few who
was willing to and has challenged career politicians whose voting records consistently
demonstrate either a lack of understanding of, or total disregard for, our Constitution
and Bill of Rights that so many have sacrificed for.

Among many issues on Mr. Grayson’s political Platform, one of his primary issues is the
erosion of our personal freedom and liberty as a result of federal policy and legislation.
Mr. Grayson was first to come out in support of President Trump and has remained a
steadfast champion of the President’s outstanding policies via his social media
platforms, to include Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Derrick Grayson

Derrick Grayson

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